Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means…

It’s almost photo trip season!

Fall is the perfect season for taking photo trips, and since COVID is still here driving us all crazy, you may be longing for a little photo adventure. Well, a socially-distanced fall photo trip is exactly what you need! One of the things we’re often asked about is what to pack for a photo trip. Do you go all out or travel as a minimalist? There’s no “right” answer, so we’re sharing with you today our suggestions for what to pack for a photo trip for both heavy and light packers.

What to Pack: Going All Out

• camera backpack (not a messenger bag)
• 2 cameras
• wide lenses (ex: 16-35)
• zoom lenses (ex: 70-200)
• extra charged batteries
• extra memory cards
• tripod or monopod
• remote trigger
• filters (gradient or variable)
• polarizer
• cleaning supplies (cloths, blower, brush)
• laptop, card reader, & hard drive for backing up on the go
• battery charger
• silica gel packets to absorb moisture

What to Pack: Minimalist

• 1 camera
• 1 lens (versatile prime lens like a 50mm, which is wide enough for landscapes and close enough for details OR versatile zoom lens like a 24-70mm)
• 1 extra battery
• 1 extra memory card
• small day pack

Non-Photo Stuff To Pack

• waterproof hiking shoes/boots
• lots of water
• bug spray
• sunscreen
• packaged snacks
• small first aid kit
• multitool or Swiss Army knife
• headlamp
• power bank
• map of the area (especially in large parks and when visiting areas without cell reception)

We hope this list helps you prepare for your upcoming photo trip! Feel free to comment below with any recommendations you have that aren’t already on this list!

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