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A little bit about me

I am a commercial portrait artist, retoucher, photography instructor, and I just so happen to be the owner of this fine establishment (all complaints go to Erica). I have a degree in Photographic Technology, over 20 years of experience retouching and compositing photographs, and behind the camera. Working with both film and digital cameras, I create photographs that are visually captivating and uniquely designed.

When I am not making photographs with my team, I am working closely with my private students and mentees. I am also the organizer of the Columbus Creative Photography Group where I host events and teach workshops and classes. If you are looking for a welcoming photography community you should join us!

Why I love what I do

As a portrait artist I am honored to translate the vision of my clients. As a retoucher I am given the opportunity to reveal the imagination of other dreamers. As an instructor I lift up my students only to be lifted up higher by them. I love photography, and I get to share it with everyone around me – including my daughter Evelyn.

Passions and personal interests

It may seem like I am head over heels for photography, but my greatest passion in life is my family. I am fortunate to have the love and support of my wife Erica and daughter Evelyn. When I’m not trying to be a pixel-producing superhero, the three of us enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading books, and going on bike rides around Columbus! I am also a huge fan of light roast fair-trade coffee and just about every type of tea. One last fun fact – in my early years as an artist I was a clay sculptor.

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