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To be or not to be?  That is the question regarding parent presence at their senior’s photo session.

There really is no right answer. Sorry. This is completely subjective to each parent/child combo. I will try to make it objective, but let’s all acknowledge that when it comes to parent/child relationships, that’s impossible.

Moms will likely want to be there for a senior photoshoot of their blossoming, young adult. High school seniors will either want the exact opposite, or be completely indifferent. Please keep in mind that I am speaking in generalities here. If senior and mom are not on the same page about who gets to be at the shoot, feelings get hurt and the whole shoot can become associated with guilt and resentment. Trust me when I say that resentment does not make for good (happy) photos. It’s important to remember that the end goal is to create amazing photographs that best represent the graduating senior and this period in their lives.

Which means that mom (or dad!) can be extremely helpful if they….

– can get their senior to laugh/smile

– can hold a reflector for the photographer to light up their senior’s face

– relax their senior so that their most natural self is caught on camera

– can catch flyaway hairs or scrunched shirts before the shutter snaps

– can be supportive of their senior

However, a photoshoot may not be the best place mom or dad displays their strengths. Which means it’s best if they don’t show if they….

– make their senior self-conscious and tense

– don’t allow their senior to be themselves

– are NOT supportive

You know your relationship with your parent or child. Consider the points above, have a conversation and come up with the answer together. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best option for the high school (soon-to-be) grad!

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