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A little bit about me

I’m a commercial photographer, specializing in food and product photography with the drive to deliver the highest quality images you and your company could dream of. As a previous quality control specialist and production artist I appreciate the small details and refining every aspect of your vision in order to sell your product to the best of its ability. I have an appreciation so great for how one image can strike an audience, whether it be a delicious looking burger to a highly detailed shot of a product, I strive for that captivating shot.

Love what I do

Not one person has exactly the same idea for what they imagine the final product to look like and I enjoy the challenge of fusing their vision with mine. Styling and photographing food and product requires an eye for detail in work that is ever-changing. I love bringing my creativity to something small in order to create something big.

Passions and Personal Interests

I have a very supportive husband and family who’ve allowed me to click and flash in their faces as I’ve taken photography from a hobby to a career. All of my other hobbies revolve around exploring: traveling, restaurants, breweries, hiking, everything. I relish the new experiences and can’t wait to discover new places, in person and in camera. My husband and I also have a new puppy, a black lab mix we named Kona. We admit our obsession and really can’t get enough of her!

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