Are you new to Columbus and in need of finding that local deli you can count on to never disappoint? Look no further because Katzinger’s has got it all with over 30 years of experience in the business. From the atmosphere of a big city for deli to having just about anything your stomach could desire Katzinger’s will leave you wanting more. The deli reminds me of a New York deli style market with so many tasty options and fun things for your eyes to look at. It’s a great experience from the time you walk in the doors till you step back out!

At Katzinger’s Deli there’s so much to choose from that I will assure you there’s something on the list for everyone. They’ve got your reubens, BLTs, other deli masterpieces, salads, soups, jewish specialties, numerous side items, and breakfast served all day. You’ll also find vegetarian and vegan friendly meals along with gluten free options and we can’t forget the sweet tooth in us all!

Diane Warren, the owner of Katzinger’s is a pleasure to talk to so be sure to say hi to her if you are there! She’ll rave on and on about their delicious specialty sandwich, the Reuben! And I must say, she’s right, you can’t beat their TEN different varieties of their take on the sandwich.

UA Creative Photography - Katzinger's

Photo by UA Creative Food Photographer, Katie Hurier

I would also highly recommend Fred’s Jazzy Pita Treata! It’s a vegan option with cucumbers spinach, tomato, greek kalamata olives all smothered in their homemade hummus and all inside a delicious pita! The pita bread alone is to die for! Come find your favorite sandwich! 

Once you make your selection, move down the line and find a tasty side salad like this cold macaroni salad, otherwise called the “crackaroni salad.” It’s perfect for a hot summer day and will leave your mouth watering just thinking about it!

UA Creative Photography - Katzinger's

Photo by UA Creative Food Photographer, Katie Hurier


Continue down the line and scan the bar for a delicious homemade dessert which you can’t go wrong in any of the beautifully made options!

Katzinger’s also offers up large juicy pickles for the taking if you need another tang to your meal! They are uniquely displayed in a barrel for your picking.

UA Creative Photography - Katzingers

Photo by UA Creative Food Photographer, Katie Hurier

You’ll find some of these sandwich ingredients are offered by the pound at Katzinger’s allowing you to make your favorite item anytime you desire! But let’s face it, you can’t get the atmosphere and friendly staff at Katzinger’s in your home!

Before you leave don’t forget to check out the large variety of cheeses sold in the deli shop! Grab some crackers, homemade bread, wine, or even honey  to pair with your specialty cheeses. Between this and Katzinger’s catering options you’ll be having one heck of a party this summer!

Photo by UA Creative Food Photographer, Katie Hurier

Photo by UA Creative Food Photographer, Katie Hurier


Huge thank you to Diane Warren and her staff at Katzinger’s for their hospitality and allowing us to take over the deli for a couple hours to make this shoot possible! Don’t forget to find them online, on Facebook, and Instagram!


Photographs by Katie Hurier

Lighting Assistance by Ua Chamberlain

Assistance by Gracie Becker

Styling by Christy Stiteler

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