Introducing Heather Wetzel – Artist & Instructor

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For those of you looking for credentials to make us legitimate, look no further. Heather Wetzel has all of them. You may want to grab a snack while you work through this list:

All of these awards and this recognition is because Heather is an artist working in historic photographic processes, hand papermaking, and book arts. And clearly, she’s pretty awesome at it. So awesome, in fact, that she is a lecturer in the Art Department at The Ohio State University, shaping and molding young minds. Now that she is joining us as an instructor, she can shape your mind too!

If you’re looking to slow down in a world that keeps getting faster, Heather can help bring you back to a simpler time. She works with materials that are more labor intensive and incorporate a wide array of sensory engagement. This approach delivers a thorough sense of satisfaction that energizes Heather as much as it does her students. You can read more about Heather over at her about me page.

For more information on wet plate collodion, bookmaking or anything else that sounds insanely difficult, contact Heather at


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