Independents’ Day Festival 2016 – A Look Inside

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The 2016 Columbus Independents’ Day Festival, as usual, didn’t disappoint.  Full of food trucks, craft brews, artists, and live music, it was one of those events in which you just can’t help but lose yourself for hours taste testing, seeing, and listening to all of the goodness our Columbus food, beer, and creative communities have to offer.

Dedicated to celebrating “the music, art, performances, food, and fun that fuels Columbus’ creative sprit,” the Independents’ Day Festival is an annual event held in Franklinton, the up and coming neighborhood just east of downtown Columbus.  This area of town is becoming increasingly popular due to its vibrant arts scene, killer breweries, unique venues, and delicious food spots.  In turn, it has become a prime location for events like the Independents’ Day Festival and Urban Scrawl.

This year’s musical lineup included local musicians such as Miranda Sound, The Sidekicks, All Them Witches, Speedy Ortiz, Cloud Nothings, and many more.  Featuring bands, beat boys, and DJs, there’s always something on one of the three stages to get you shaking your booty.

For all you foodies out there, make sure you save your appetite because there’s basically an endless selection of some of the city’s best food trucks.  Ahi Poke, Tatoheads, OH Burgers, Island Noodles, Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Daredevil Dogs, and approximately 15 other trucks are there to provide something for all foodies.

Now, about the beer.  As you know, Columbus has a killer beer scene.  From the local breweries to the pubs that carry unique craft beers from around the world, we’re lucky to be in an area that places so much value on the delicious world of beer.  Of course, the Independents’ Day Festival is no exception to the great Columbus beer rule.  The “Ohio Beer Garden” offers brews from 17 different Ohio breweries.  Excuse me while I just live here in the beer garden for the rest of forever.

Last, but certainly not least, is the art scene at the Independents’ Day Festival. These Independents’ Day people really know how to recruit, because I swear the best artists in the city show up every year.

Here’s Wax Mage Records:  a combination of artists and a record store that makes custom colored vinyls.  Music AND art all in one gorgeous display.

Independents' Day Festival 2016 - UA Creative Photography - Wax Records

Wax Mage Records Photos by Dustin Bennett & Gracie Becker


Check out Inked Earth, an artist who creates tattoo inspired ceramics.  So rad.

Independents' Day Festival 2016 - UA Creative Photography - Inked Earth

Inked Earth
Photos by Dustin Bennett & Gracie Becker


Meet Jennifer Dienno of Ooh My Gouache, a watercolor artist based in Columbus.  These pretty designs have us swooning over here.

Independents' Day Festival 2016 - UA Creative Photography - Ooh My Gouache - Jennifer Dienno

Ooh My Gouache
Photos by Dustin Bennett & Gracie Becker


And, finally, check out these cool shots from the Ohio State University Screen Printers.  It was seriously so cool to watch this process.

Independents' Day Festival 2016 - UA Creative Photography - OSU Screen Printing

OSU Screen Printing
Photos by Dustin Bennett & Gracie Becker


Is it next year yet?  Because we already can’t wait to be back at the Independents’ Day Festival in 2017, cameras in hand.

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