Dog Lover Heaven

Doggos everywhere! That’s how most of us at UA Creative would like to live our lives. We’re adamant animal lovers and most everyone here owns a pet. So it made perfect sense to gather for a potluck and have everyone bring their family, including furry family members. This gave us all the pleasure of hanging out with Lilly, Mandela, Kona and Riddick. There is most certainly a reason dogs are used for therapy. Their joy is so pure and so contagious. Their love for you and that bouncy ball is all they need in the world. You only need to walk into your house after a long day of work (or let’s be honest, a quick trip to grab the mail) to earn all of their admiration. There are few things more honest.

Obviously, it’s clear why we decided to bring man’s best friend into the studio for a play shoot. We used a simple lighting set-up and then just let the dogs play with various toys while we snapped their lovely faces. The doggos acclimated pretty quickly, ignoring the lights and following directions fairly well.

We found a born diva in Lilly, unwilling to take much direction, but loved to have her photo taken.

Mandela could have cared less about the lights, she had one objective: retrieve ball.

Kona was a willing participant until we blew bubbles in her face, and then decided she’d had enough of our nonsense.

Finally, Riddick just looked at all of us like we were idiots, Rightfully so.

Regardless, we had a blast photographing our furry friends and hope we didn’t traumatize them too badly! Let us know if you’d like us to traumatize photograph your beloved pet!

Lilly Tutu
Dely Bride
Kona frisbee
Kona Bubbles
Riddick 2

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