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At UA Creative we have been swamped with inquiries and shoots for corporate photography!  Although it’s not something we originally intended to specialize in, it’s something that we have all grown to love, appreciate, and excel at.  As with everything we do here, the client experience we create for our corporate photography clients is our top priority.  So, if you’re wondering what a corporate photography experience is like with the UA Creative team, keep reading to see how we provided local company, Team Dynamix, with an awesome corporate photography experience!

Services Provided

Team Dynamix contacted us because they loved the creative and professional portraiture on our website. They needed a company that was reliable, creative, and able to provide them with digital assets for their website, social media, and marketing needs. We provided Team Dynamix with 34 headshots, a pet portrait of their beloved office pup (see cuteness below), a group portrait, interior photographs of their office, and editing of their video testimonies from a recent event.  In case you’re asking how we’re able to do all that…

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How We Prepare

It all goes back to our awesome team and organizational system!  A shoot of this scale is a lot of work and requires all hands on deck in order to make it run smoothly, efficiently, and quickly.

After the initial communications and official scheduling was made, owner Ua and studio manager Erica visited Team Dynamix to do a site visit.  During this visit, they mapped out the office and the outdoor locations, taking sample photos along the way in order to provide our Team Dynamix contact person with various options for backgrounds and locations.  They also took into consideration space limitations like size and electrical connections so that we were fully prepared and equipped for the actual shoot.

Kelsie and Dustin sitting in for example shots to show the client.

After the site visit, we then met with our contact at Team Dynamix to review and discuss the sample photographs and the potential locations.  By working collaboratively with Team Dynamix throughout the planning process, we were able to ensure their satisfaction with the final product.  During this meeting, we also discussed the plan of action for the shoot, outlined the timeline for the shoot, and discussed any questions or concerns that they had.

Our final pre-shoot preparations, which included setting up lighting and the shooting areas the day before the shoot, allowed us to spend less time on the day of the shoot dealing with the technical side of things and more time engaging with the Team Dynamix employees.

Our Team

As mentioned, this shoot required all of the UA Creative team to ensure success.  For the portraits, Ua and Dustin were responsible for ensuring the lighting was perfect in both shooting stations, as well as maintaining communication with the Team Dynamix employees throughout the planning process and the shoot itself.  Photographers Erica and Caitlin each ran one of the two shooting stations, allowing the shoot to run smoothly and quickly.  Both photographers had assistance from Kelsie and Andrew, who were both grip assistants and also responsible for gathering information from the employees being photographed and helping to position and pose the employees.

For the architectural shoot, our photographer Katie was able to provide Team Dynamix with several beautiful and captivating shots of their two office spaces with the help of her assistant, Gracie.

After the shoots were finished, Dustin, our retoucher, was then tasked with retouching all of the portraits and the architectural photos.  And, he did a wonderful job with that task, of course. 😉

Behind the scenes of headshot day

Use of Light

The Team Dynamix office has large banks of windows along the opposite end of where we were making photographs. Relying on window light for a large group of corporate headshots is risky because the light quality is inconsistent and uncontrollable. By packing up some of our studio lights we are able to create beautiful photos anywhere we are assigned.  This is what we did with Team Dynamix, essentially turning their office into a studio!  Simply translated:  we can create beautiful photos for you anywhere you’d like!

A few of the images we made for Team Dynamix

What We Can Do For You

Our corporate photography services include:

  • headshots
  • team/group portraits
  • interior and exterior architectural photos
  • food/product photos
  • event photography coverage

Our corporate videography services include:

  • editing of existing footage
  • video of testimonials
  • video of interviews
  • video of office space
  • commercial and advertising videos
  • event videography coverage

Now that you know what you can expect from the UA Creative corporate photography experience, we’d love to set up a time to chat with you about your photo/video needs!

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