Photographing Columbus Beatboxer Alex Olsson

By December 29, 2016 Portraits

It’s not every day that we have a beatboxer in the studio, so when we were presented with the opportunity to do so, we jumped on it.  We had a blast photographing (and listening to) Columbus beatboxer Alex Olsson, who stopped by the studio for an early morning photo and jam session.

We were introduced to Alex by one of our assistants, Gracie Becker, who is a long time friend of Alex’s.  Alex, who is not only a Columbus beatboxer but also the president of the Ohio State A Capella group, Buck That!, was in need of some creative photos that demonstrate his unique talent as a Columbus beatboxer. And, there’s clearly no one better in Columbus to do that than UA Creative…duh.

Columbus beatboxer Alex Olsson

Photo by Ua Chamberlain

After a pre-shoot planning meeting and with a little help from our fair trade coffee from Global Gallery, we were able to create some pretty epic portraits that impressed even Alex, the guy who can make sounds with his mouth that no person would ever expect to hear.  See for yourself in this behind the scenes video.

Ua, the photographer for this shoot, has spent years photographing artists, performers, and even circus performers.  Never before had he experienced shooting a beatboxer, so he greatly enjoyed the new experience.  He’s passionate about working with local musicians and artists to create unique promotional materials to help them grow their presence in their local community.

We look forward to working with more local Columbus artists on projects like this, so if you’re in need of some epic photos of your own, be sure to hit us up to discuss your ideas!

Lighting & Photography by Ua Chamberlain

Retouching by Dustin Bennett

Blog Post by Erica Coffman

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