Collaborative Creative Shoot with Le Reve Makeup & Hair

By January 12, 2017 Portraits, Fashion

Meet Mary – one of our favorite models to work with.  She’s spunky, opinionated, beautiful, and a blast to work with.  Whether she’s with us to participate in conversations surrounding controversial topics or to model for our cameras, she always brings a bit of brightness to the studio.  When Mary expressed interest in participating in our collaborative creative shoot with hair and makeup artist, Hanna of Le Reve Makeup & Hair, we knew she’d bring the exact amount of spice we needed for a shoot this hot!

collaborative creative shoot

Photo by Ua Chamberlain

We collaborated with Columbus hair and makeup artist, Hanna, on this concept.  Hanna was tasked with creating a unique makeup look.  Drawing inspiration from Pinterest and other makeup resources, Hanna came up with this colorful concept focused on bringing a unique color combination to the eyes and lips.

collaborative creative shoot

Photo by Ua Chamberlain

We then built the set around Hanna’s makeup vision, incorporating the vibrant blues and yellows Hanna used as her anchor colors.  We brought in Goldenrod to add a layer of dimension to the photo, allowing there to be more interest in the environment.  By maintaining a clean environment, we guarantee that Mary and her makeup are at the center of the viewer’s attention.

This shoot was a blast and we’re so fortunate to have such an awesome team of creatives to work with on this collaborative creative shoot.  Thanks Mary and Hanna, for making this vision a reality!

collaborative creative shoot

The (Best) Team

Model – Mary Sundermeier

Hair and Makeup – Hanna McCord, Le Reve Makeup & Hair

Photography – Ua Chamberlain, UA Creative Photography & Training

Assistance – Erica Coffman, UA Creative Photography & Training

Retouching – Dustin Bennett, UA Creative Photography & Training

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