Pastries With A Purpose – Camera Recycling Event Recap

By December 7, 2018 Columbus, Marketing, Events

Photo by UA Creative Studios Creative Assistant – Joshua Stevenson

It’s funny how ideas and events are born and can become something bigger than you originally imagined. We had an idea to offer camera recycling. People typically have old cameras, they thought. Also, people typically don’t know what to do with old cameras when they’re not using them anymore. Much like old flip phones, VHS tapes, and cassette tapes, old cameras usually end up on a shelf or in a box collecting dust.

So, the team thought, what if we offered a way for people to dispose of their old and broken camera gear in a no-hassle way? And taking it a step further. How can we incentivize people to come into the studio to recycle their old equipment? Food? Swag? Thus, Donuts and Donations Camera Recycling event was born! The idea was simple, bring in your old and broken camera gear, donate it to UA Creative Studios, and you’d receive a donut and a tee-shirt.

camera recycling event tee shirt
donuts for the camera recycling event

Photos by UA Creative Studios Creative Assistant – Joshua Stevenson

So, we had our Graphic Designer, David, whip up a fantastic graphic. We then sent it over to our event partner Inked & Screened so they could get ready to print the limited edition “Make Photographs” UA Creative Studios tee-shirt at the event! We picked up the donuts from Buckeye Donuts and Tupelo Donuts and got the studio ready!

On the morning of Saturday, November 10th, Inked & Screened brought a mobile press, we set up a donut wall and we kicked off our first community camera recycling event!

And what a success it was! We received loads of old cameras and camera gear, and in turn, handed out loads of donuts and tee-shirts! The broken gear was recycled at the Ohio Dropoff Recycling Center, and the useable gear is to be used in our Youth Education Program! To learn more about our many education programs and classes, check out our website!

And a special thank you to all that donated, you help keep our education program going!

camera recycling event donations

Photo by UA Creative Studios Commerical Photographer – Katie Hurier 

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Video by UA Creative Studios Videographer – Andrew Savage 

This blog post was written by the UA Creative Studios Marketing Department – Jackie Murphy and Joshua Stevenson. The UA Creative Studios Marketing Team is always willing to talk marketing, social media, and of course, photography. You can reach Jackie at and Joshua at with any questions or coffee meeting requests.

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