2018 Year In Review: Our Favorite Projects

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We are so fortunate that our “work” is to create and to tell stories, using our talents and following our passion. So, when we asked three of our photographers to name their favorite project of the year, it’s understandable that they needed time to think about all the incredible work created at UA Creative Studios in 2018 and select their favorite. Each project tells a story…of a home, a couple making a difference, and an organization making an impact. Enjoy!  

Katie’s Favorite Project

Architectural photography: Private Residence

Clients: Sullivan Bruck Architects, Grand Design Group, and Cooley Custom Cabinetry

“The images I created for this project are by far some of my favorite architectural images I have created” – Katie Hurier, Architectural Photographer

In our recent blog post, you hopefully saw the architectural photography we’ve been creating for our client Sullivan Bruck Architects. Our architectural photographer Katie Hurier’s favorite project was a collaboration with Sullivan Bruck Architects, Grand Design Group, and Cooley Custom Cabinetry, photographing the interior and exterior of a custom private residence. This was a full-day of production for interiors and included multiple visits to the site for exterior images. We created a wide variety of assets from exterior images, aerial images, 360 degree, and interior images. We worked with an interior designer on the day of production and Katie enjoyed being a part “of all the commotion happening in the house that day.” Capturing the craftsmanship, artistry and unique touches of this home and is part of its story and that of its owners.

Erica’s Favorite Project

Client: Bumble

“I love love and I’m a supporter of Dreamers and immigrant rights. As the wife of an immigrant, I realize the need for greater education of the general public AND for greater assistance for those who have emigrated to the US. As the production manager, it was exciting to plan the production, get to know the couple, and watch our team’s vision come to life.” – Erica Coffman Santiago

Erica, our production manager who oversees all video and photo productions favorite project of the year was the short docu-style video we created for Bumble! The video is about a couple who met on Bumble and went on to create a non-profit called DACA Time, which serves to help immigrants through the visa process. The video was funded by Bumble as a way to showcase couples who are doing incredible things around the world.

Ua’s Favorite Project

Client: Little Hercules Foundation

“The project we did with the Little Hercules Foundation is my favorite from this past year because the opportunity we had with this project allowed us to create content that will improve and possibly save someone’s life.” – Ua Chamberlain, Owner & Creative Director

We created a video highlighting some of the ways in which donations to the Little Hercules Foundation help families with children who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Several interviews were conducted, including a family who received a wheelchair through the Little Hercules Family Assistance Program, a corporate donor, and a doctor who specializes in DMD. Then, we attended the Little Hercules Annual Golf Outing and captured footage of the participants watching the donation video. It was so powerful to see people making donations of their own after watching the video. The production of these two videos allowed us to work with a wonderful organization and be a part of the amazing things they do for the DMD community across the country.

The work we do is all about telling a story, and we told a myriad of different stories in 2018. From the story of incredible architecture to the stories of lovers making a difference and children gaining hope. We can’t wait to tell more stories in 2019 through stunning visuals. Want to follow our stories? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

This blog post was written by Joshua Stevenson, UA Creative Studios Creative Assistant. Joshua is always willing to talk marketing, social media, and of course, photography. You can reach Joshua at joshua@uacreativestudios.com with any questions, comments, or coffee meeting requests.

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